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About Us

Our Story

Edible Eastbourne are a voluntary, not for profit community group.
We would like to help Eastbourne develop a resilient, sustainable local food system and help increase access to fresh, low cost or free healthy food for everyone.


We aim to do this by:

1) Running local food projects

2) Setting up community growing spaces and orchards

3) Initiating, advising and assisting local groups wanting to set up community growing spaces and food projects

4) Raising awareness of the importance of locally grown and produced food

5) Assisting in the establishment of a local food network and promoting local food

6) Working with local authorities to establish a process and licences for community food projects

7) Working in partnership with communities, schools, colleges, community groups, charities and other local organisations to increase the opportunities for everyone in the community to have access to local food

8) Conducting outreach activities and workshops in communities and schools across town to help establish local networks and community representatives

We welcome volunteers in a variety of roles and invite everyone to become a member to help support our work and projects.
Help us to create an Incredible Community.



This is an open movement we will are committed to sharing information about kindlier, less toxic, healthier and more sustainable ways of growing, distributing and preparing local food


How We Started Out


Edible Eastbourne was established in 2014 by members of Transition Town Eastbourne and other members of the community, who were inspired by the Incredible Edible Movement and a need for sustainable Community Gardens and Edible Urban Landscapes in the town.

Since then, we’ve worked hard to maintain our commitment to growing food naturally and raising awareness of the importance of local sourced and produced food. We love giving back to the community that we reside in and support other community projects however we can. We understand the importance of getting people involved in a fun and healthy hobby that benefits the community and the environment in a positive way.

Help us make Eastbourne an Incredible Edible landscape

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