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Incredible Community Allotment

The Incredible Community Allotment is our new project to establish a base in the community. 
From this base we aim to provide a community space where we can offer projects, workshops and regular volunteering opportunities to residents, schools and all members of the community.

Allotment bags £1000 funding

The funds will be used to help set up and equip the allotment site as a base for the group and a place to hold community activities, workshops, projects and get togethers.


Work can now begin on bringing the project to life, this project will allow members of the community to come together to learn, grow and share

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Get involved

Details of upcoming work days and meetings will be posted here alongside photos of activities, volunteers and the allotment as it progresses. 

We will also post regular links to our blog so make sure you subscribe to stay informed about the project.

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